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» Mississippi's Business - A monthly publication which includes leading and coincident economic indicators and other topics of interest.For archived copies not listed below click here.

» The Mississippi Economic Outlook presents the state economic outlook and forecast. Tables provide details of recent state and national trends, as well as the state five-year forecast. Published quarterly.

» The Mississippi Economic Review

» Fiscal and Economic Implications of Changes to the Sales Tax and Individual Income Tax in Mississippi

» Estimated CARES Act Payments to Mississippi Households - May 2020

» URC Notes - Estimated Tax Collections from Remote Sales June 2018

» Comments before the House Lottery Working Group by State Economist Dr. Darrin Webb - November 16, 2017

» Economic Analysis of a Lottery in Mississippi, 2017

» Is There an Incentive for Mississippians Receiving Public Assistance to Work, 2017

» Using the Armey Curve to Measure the Size of Government

» Projections of Mississippi Use Tax Revenue Lost from Remote Sales, 2017

» The Gender Wage Gap in Mississippi, 2017

» Fiscal Impacts of the Continental Tire AG Project 2017-2040

» Fiscal Impacts of the Topship Project 2016-2035

» Raising the Minimum Wage in Mississippi: An Econometric Analysis, 2014

» The Fiscal and Economic Impacts of Medicaid Expansion in Mississippi, 2014-2025. This analysis was conducted solely to provide fiscal and economic projections of Medicaid expansion in Mississippi and may not be appropriate for other purposes.

» Legislative Economic Briefing - The Economic Briefing is an annual publication presenting an overview of Mississippi's fiscal status for the current and following fiscal years. Revenues, expenditures and ending balances are addressed. Historical summary statistics are also provided.

» The Annual Tax Expenditure Report and The Economic Development Programs and Tax Incentives Evaluation - This report provides a vehicle for annual legislative review of tax expenditures similar to the review that direct expenditures receive through the appropriation process. For archived copies not listed below click here.

» Maps - A collection of maps giving county information on a wide variety of topics, including population, income, education, employment, and much more.


EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT, 2013-2017 ACS - Percentage of the population 25 years and older:




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