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Advancing Mississippi: A Better Mississippi for More Mississippians (June 9, 2016)

Session 1: Estimations

  • Paper 1: Is Hinds County Mississippi Really Worse than Madison or Rankin County? A Spatial Equilibrium Approach to Ranking Quality of Life
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]
  • Paper 2: The Role of Income and location in Racial/Ethnic differences on loan denial in three Mississippi Counties
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]
  • Paper 3: Estimation of the Burden of Cigarette Smoking on the State of Mississippi in 2014
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]

Session 2: Employment

  • Paper 1: Independent Living Program (ILP) and Workforce Development for Youth Aging Out of the MS Foster Care System
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]
  • Paper 2: Understanding the nature of the teacher shortage in Mississippi
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]
  • Paper 3: An Exploratory Study of Effects of Workplace Variables on Organizational Commitment of Mississippi Correctional Staff
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]

Lunch Speakers: Joel Bomgar and Kabir Karriem

Session 3: Being Healthy

  • Paper 1: Transforming Lives through Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]
  • Paper 2: The Socio-Economic Impact of Community Development Financial Institutions on Child Health Outcomes in Mississippi
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]
  • Paper 3: Health Insurance Influence on Obesity Rates: A Cross-Sectional Study of Mississippi’s 82 Counties
    [Abstract | Video | Presentation]

Session 4: Education

Session 5: Student Papers

  • Third Place: Blueprint Health: A Social Solution to Obesity in the Workforce and Communities of Mississippi
    [Video | Presentation]
  • Second Place: Bridging the Gap: Improving Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents in Mississippi Schools
    [Video | Presentation]
  • First Place: Improving Developmental Mathematics Courses: A Study of Various Methods for Replacing Developmental Mathematics Courses in Higher Education
    [Video | Presentation]

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