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STEP 1: Conference Registration
Date 8/10/2020
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Conference registration is FREE until August 16, 2019, $25 per person from August 16th - September 4th and $40 at the door. If you register after August 16th, please make your checks/money order payable to MS Institutions of Higher Learning. Multiple forms may be mailed in a single envelope with one check. Please mail your registration form and payment (check or money order) to:

    Janna Weller
    3825 Ridgewood Rd
    Jackson, MS 39211

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Sondra Collins at scollins@mississippi.edu.

Note: There is no need to mail your registration form if you complete the online registration on or before August 16th.

Sondra Collins
Senior Economist
Telephone: 601.432.6376

Corey Miller
Economic Analyst
Telephone: 601.432.6353

Darrin Webb
State Economist and Director of URC
Telephone: 601.432.6556

Janna Weller
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 601.432.6742