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Advancing Mississippi: Research for a Better Mississippi (June 7, 2018)

Session 1:

  • Community Workforce Development Initiatives in Mississippi by Lynn C. Woo, John J. Green, Molly Phillips, and Sannie Snell
  • Presumptive Eligibility as a Policy Avenue to Improve Birth Outcomes in Mississippi by Wengora Thompson, John Green and Rachel Haggard
  • Fuel to Learn: Improving Children's Health and Academics in Mississippi Through a Sustainable Nutrition-Integrated Standards-Based Curriculum by Kathy Knight, Melinda Valliant and Alicia C. Stapp
Session 2:
  • Examining Gaps in Economic Well-Being in Mississippi: Trends and High Priority Next Steps for Policymakers by Ayoung Kim and Rebecca Smith
  • The "BOOMER" Effect: The Aging Population Impact on the Low Skill Labor Market in Mississippi by Nicholas J. Hill and Dorian D. Williams
  • Regional Determinant of Retirement Migration Flows: Understanding the Migration Patterns and Discussing on Potential Issues by Ayoung Kim, Rebecca Smith, and David Buys
  • Economic Impact of Quality Childhood Education by Melody Musgrove, co-director of the Graduate Center for the Study of Early Learning
Student Presentations:
  • Investigating Health Disparities of Prostate Cancer in Mississippi Compared to National Trends by Derrick Lane II, undergraduate student winner
  • Process Evaluation of "Welcome to the Real World": Exploring implementation in a simulation-based financial literacy youth education program by Cecilia Brooks, graduate student winner

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