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Bureau of Long Range Economic Development Planning

The special task force for economic development planning was created in the 1987 regular legislative session in the "Statewide Economic Development and Planning Act of 1987" (MS Code 57-63-1). The purpose of the special task force is set measurable, achievable and significant state economic goals.

The first task force approved plan was presented to the Mississippi legislature in 1990. The plan, known as Seizing the Future: A Commitment to Competitiveness began the process of developing and implementing a strategic, comprehensive statewide economic development plan

The long range planning process was dormant for the years 1992-1996. A new special task force was appointed in late 1997. Using the recommendations from Seizing the Future: A Commitment to Competitiveness, a report entitled Seizing the Future: On the Right Track, containing five specific recommendations was made to the Legislature for the 1999 regular session.

The special task force continued to function after the 1999 legislative regular session resulting in a second annual report entitled Seizing the Future: On the Right Track 1999-2000. This report contained four new specific recommendations and an update on the actions taken on the five recommendations from the 1998 report.

While a new special task force was appointed for 2000-2004, the special task force did not meet during those years and no reports containing recommendations from the special task force were presented to the legislature.

A new special task force was appointed in late 2004. This task force met in December 2004 and adopted the BluePrintMississippi, a private sector developed plan. In addition, the Governor formed a broad-based group, Momentum Mississippi, that effectively functions as the long range economic development organization for the state.

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Senior Economist
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State Economist
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Administrative Assistant
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