Student Body President's Council
Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Body President Council of the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning is to be the voice for every student at the state's eight public universities. Student Body Presidents are committed to advocating for issues that will enhance the educational, social, and career development for students, and to offer representation, guidance, and services whenever needed. As student leaders, we act as liaisons between students and campus administration, faculty, and alumni. Our goal is to listen to our fellow students, enhance campus life, and promote our universities to the best of our abilities.

    SGA President: Patrick Herbert, Jr.
    Advisor: Ms. Deniva Hogan
    Phone: 601.877.6341
    SGA President: Alexis Moore
    Advisor: Mea Ashley
    Phone: 601.979.3308
    SGA President: William Thomas
    Advisor: Dr. Jerry Clark
    Phone: 601.955.2943