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Academic Common Market
About Academic Common Market

If you are interested in a field of study that isn't offered at a Mississippi public university, then the Academic Common Market (ACM) may be available to you.

ACM is a cooperative tuition-reduction agreement among 16 Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) states allowing residents of a participating state to pursue academic degree programs that are not available in their home state. The program, administered by SREB and coordinated by each individual state, allows a resident of a participating state to apply for a waiver of out-of-state tuition to attend a cooperating public institution of higher education in another participating state. The participation by a state and an institution is voluntary. The programs available to Mississippi residents through ACM can be found on the SREB web site.

For information on admission to any of the programs, contact the out-of-state college or university offering the field of study directly. Once you are accepted into a program not available at a Mississippi public university, contact the Director of Student Services, Sandra Kelly, at 601.432.6355 to request an application packet or download one here.