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Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to participate in SARA?
  • Yes. MCCA will reassess fees periodically. Full payment of the fee is required prior to MCCA review of the SARA application.
  • Fee schedule for Mississippi in-state institutions to participate in SARA, effective July 1, 2023:
    • $2,000 per year for institutions with fewer than 2,500 FTE students
    • $4,000 per year for institutions between 2,500-9,999 FTE students
    • $6,000 per year for institutions with 10,000 or more FTE students
  • The National Council-State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) assesses an annual fee for participation in SARA. This annual fee is based on an institution's total full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment as shown in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). For more information about NC-SARA's participation fees, go to Participation Fees | NC-SARA.
  • Additional fees are listed below.
    • In-State Fees—Mississippi Institutions Only
      Description Fees
      Site Visits Travel + expenses
      Timely/Delinquent Fee
      Failure to Submit Materials or Fees
Is authorization needed for clinicals/practica/field experiences in Mississippi?
  • SARA institutions should adhere to SARA policies, and if a SARA participating institution will have placements in the State, submit a written request for a notification of location form to srobinson@mississippi.edu.
    Non-SARA institutions will need authorization for clinicals/practica/field experiences. Please submit a written request for an application to srobinson@mississippi.edu. Out-of-state institutions must make Mississippi residents aware before enrollment into their program(s) of the accreditation status of the program and whether the program(s) meet licensure, certification, practice, or other requirements of Mississippi State boards if/as applicable.
    Nursing clinicals (SARA and Non-SARA institutions) must contact the IHL Nursing Education Director at mtemple@mississippi.edu.
Will out-of-state institutions (not participating in SARA), require Commission approval to offer exclusively online programs/courses?
  • Yes, Commission approval is required.
Is there a fee schedule for out-of-state institutions?
  • Yes, the fee schedule is listed below.
  • Out-of-State Fees
    Description Fees
    Information Packet $100
    Application $3,000
    Initial/Annual Renewal Application (exclusively online programs and those with a presence in Mississippi) Mirror NC-SARA Fee Schedule
    Site Visits Travel + expenses
    Change of location, change in scope; or additional $250
    New Course, Program, or Degree $250
    Changing Legal Status, Form of Control, Ownership; Merger $250
    Probation Requiring Oversight, Up to $1000
    Timely/Delinquent Fee
    Failure to Submit Materials or Fees
    Copying/Mailing (per page) $0.15
    Nursing Clinicals Contact IHL Director of Nursing Education