Legislative Relations
Funding Request

The FY 2019 IHL funding request includes an increase of $49.2 to restore operational funding for the university campuses. It also includes an additional $7.4 million for student financial aid over the FY 2018 appropriation and a request for $11 million in appropriated funds to address facility repair and renovation needs.

As outlined in the Statewide Strategic Plan, the state's goal for higher education is "to make available an accessible, quality public higher education at an affordable cost that prepares Mississippians to become productive, financially self-sufficient members of society while meeting the human resource needs of Mississippi and its employers, including the creation of new jobs through the commercialization of university-based research."

Mississippi Public Universities enrolled 95,449 students and awarded a record number of 17,102 degrees in Academic Year 2016, compared to 15,701 degrees awarded five years ago. Fall 2016 enrollment was the highest in the history of the university system with 82,654 students enrolled.

Mississippi Public Universities provide high-quality education, research and innovation that support economic growth and opportunities that benefit all Mississippians in a very competitive environment. Keeping our state's brightest students in Mississippi requires the best faculty and support staff; sophisticated technology; and modern, safe, well-maintained facilities.

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Facilities Needs Request

The FY 2019 Facilities Needs Request includes the top five capital project priorities identified by each university. IHL's eight campuses, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and 12 satellite centers include more 1,653 buildings on more than 12,000 acres of land. IHL buildings comprise 46 percent of the gross square footage of all State buildings. IHL buildings have a replacement value of more than $7.5 billion which represents 50 percent of the overall replacement value for State buildings.

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