Mississippi Public Universities
Best Practices
The Board of Trustees of Mississippi's Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) seeks to encourage Mississippi's public university system to develop and promote current best practices among its institutions so that the State's financial resources are efficiently and effectively managed. To that end, the Board has defined three distinct goals:
  • Provide high-quality instructional programs that are affordable, accessible and student centered;
  • Promote accountability, efficiency, productivity and effective utilization of technology; and
  • Enhance programs and utilization of resources by development of cooperative efforts and partnerships.
In pursuit of the goals listed above, the Board of Trustees has implemented a Best Practices award program for Mississippi's eight public universities. The Best Practices award program is designed to highlight efforts that create efficient and effective practices initiated at institutions in the following four categories: Academics; Finance, Business, and Administration; Student Services; and Technology.

Proposals must be submitted by the Institutional Executive Officers to the Board of Trustees via the IHL Executive Office staff through the online form provided. Click here for the complete Best Practices rules and criteria.

Entries are due from the Institutional Executive Officers to the IHL Executive office via email. Judging will take place by peer groups utilizing a defined scoring rubric. For example, the chief financial officers of the System will judge entrants from finance, business or administration; the academic officers for academic entrants; student affairs officers for the student services entrants; and technology officers for the technology entrants. Institutions may not judge their own entry. In the event of a tie, the IHL Executive Office will utilize the assistance of a third-party judge.

University first and second place winners will be announced for each of the four categories for a total System incentive award of $60,000. Institutions winning first place will receive $10,000 and institutions winning second place will receive $5,000. The awards will be paid to the institution from the incentive pool of the Board of Trustees.