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9/8/2017 - Jackson, Miss.

Students enrolled in Mississippi Public Universities dipped slightly this year, from 82,654 students enrolled in Fall 2016 to 81,350 enrolled this Fall. This represents a 1.6 percent decline in enrollment, when comparing Fall 2016 to Preliminary Fall 2017 enrollment.

Mississippi Public Universities
Office of Strategic Research
Total Student Enrollment, Fall 2016 and Preliminary Fall 2017

InstitutionFall 2016Preliminary Fall 2017Number ChangePercent Change
Alcorn State University3,4203,5921725.0%
Delta State University3,5883,7781905.3%
Jackson State University9,8118,583-1,228-12.5%
Mississippi State University21,62221,8842621.2%
Mississippi University for Women2,9562,796-160-5.4%
Mississippi Valley State University2,4552,45830.1%
University of Mississippi24,25023,780-470-1.9%
University of Southern Mississippi14,55214,479-73-0.5%
System Total:82,65481,350-1,304-1.6%

Figures are unduplicated and count students one time regardless of on-campus and off-campus enrollment.
Figures for University of Mississippi include students (2,990-Fall 2016; 2,890-Fall 2017) attending UMMC.

Source: Institutional Research Offices, September 8, 2017.

"While preliminary fall enrollment is important," said Dr. Glenn F. Boyce, Commissioner of Higher Education. "Our true measure of success is defined by the number of these students who obtain a degree."

In 2017, Mississippi Public Universities granted 17,760 baccalaureate and advanced degrees. In 2016, Mississippi Public Universities awarded 17,102 degrees.

In its report, Education Pays 2016, the College Board reported that individuals with higher levels of education earn more, pay more in taxes, and are more likely than others to be employed. As the report stated:
  • In 2015, median earnings of bachelor's degree recipients with no advanced degree working full time were $24,000 (67%) higher than those of high school graduates.
  • Bachelor's degree recipients paid an estimated $6,900 (91%) more in taxes and took home $17,700 (61%) more in after-tax income than high school graduates.
"Earning a college degree pays dividends for students for the rest of their lives," said Dr. Boyce. "Students who invest in higher education today can expect a future with greater employment opportunities and enhanced financial security. Their investment in higher education will pay dividends for Mississippi by providing a higher tax base and more competitive labor force."


The Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning governs the public universities in Mississippi, including Alcorn State University; Delta State University; Jackson State University; Mississippi State University including the Mississippi State University Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine; Mississippi University for Women; Mississippi Valley State University; the University of Mississippi including the University of Mississippi Medical Center; and the University of Southern Mississippi.

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