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Unless otherwise noted, grey areas on charts represent US recessions.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics are not seasonally adjusted. To view these statistics for Mississippi on BLS.gov, use series ID LAUST280000000000003, LAUST280000000000004, LAUST280000000000005, and LAUST280000000000006.
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Map: Annual unemployment and unemployment rate

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County Business Patterns

County Business Patterns statistics provide the only annual source of complete and consistent county-level data for US business establishments with industry detail. The statistics are available approximately 18 months after each reference year.

County Business Patterns basic data items are extracted from the Business Register (BR), a database of all known single and multi-establishment employer companies maintained and updated by the Census Bureau. The BR contains the most complete, current, and consistent data for business establishments. The annual Company Organization Survey provides individual establishment data for multi-establishment companies. Data for single-establishment companies are obtained from various Census Bureau programs, such as the Economic Census, Annual Survey of Manufactures and Current Business Surveys, as well as from administrative record sources.

The data are useful for studying economic activity of small areas. Federal agencies use the data to determine employee concentrations and trends by industry. Private businesses use the data for analyzing market potential, measuring the effectiveness of sales and advertising programs, setting sales quotas, and developing budgets. State and local government offices use the data to assess business changes, develop fiscal policies, and plan future policies and programs. County Business Patterns data are used to benchmark public and private sector business statistical series, surveys, and databases between economic census years.

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Map: Net Change in Manufacturing Establishments, 2004-2014