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Volume 2, Issue 27
Friday, July 13, 2007
Edited by
Jennifer Rogers

Mississippi's Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning

News from the System University News
yellowarrowDr. Roy Hudson Named MVSU Interim President yellowarrowMississippi Valley State University Online
yellowarrowResearch Universities Upgrade Internet Connections yellowarrowHigh School Mathematics Students Delve into 'Crime Scene' at UM Camp
yellowarrowSystem Increases Ayers Oversight yellowarrowUMC Faculty Performs Record Number of Kidney Transplants
  yellowarrowSouthern Miss Alum Playing Role in New Orleans' Recovery from Katrina
  yellowarrowUSM Gulf Coast Receives Donation for Oncology Skills Laboratory
  yellowarrowAlcorn State University Online
  yellowarrowGrammy Winner Linda Davis Joins DMI Summer Camp Faculty
  yellowarrowJackson State University Staffers to Compete in State Fitness Contest
  yellowarrowMSU announces Global Security Challenge Deadline Change
  yellowarrowSummer Institute at MUW Aimed at Making Math Fun
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Dr. Roy C. Hudson, Interim President at Mississippi Valley State University
Dr. Roy Hudson Named MVSU Interim President
During a special teleconference meeting on Monday, the IHL Board unanimously named Dr. Roy C. Hudson Interim President of Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), a position he will assume effective July 15 following the resignation of current MVSU President Dr. Lester C. Newman. "I am very pleased to serve MVSU as Interim President at this time," said Dr. Hudson. "I consider this a responsibility rather than a privilege." Dr. Hudson has served MVSU in various capacities since 1973, including Director of Student Teaching; Assistant to the President; Vice President for Administration; Vice President for Institutional Advancement; and his current position as Vice President for University Relations, a position he has held since 2000. A native of Itta Bena, Dr. Hudson received a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi Valley State University; a Master of Arts for Teachers degree from Mississippi State University; and an Ed.D. from Rutgers University. "The Board appreciates Dr. Hudson's service to the university and the state," said Board President Dr. L. Stacy Davidson, Jr. "We are confident he will provide effective leadership as we begin the process of searching for the sixth President of Mississippi Valley State University." The Board will announce next steps with regard to the MVSU presidential search process as they are determined.
Research Universities Upgrade Internet Connections
Jackson State University, Mississippi State University, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Southern Mississippi are now enjoying faster and broader Internet connections via two super-fast national research networks: the Internet2 Network and the National LambdaRail, or NLR. The four institutions now connect to the Internet, the Internet2 Network and, for the first time, the NLR via the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative, or LONI, Louisiana's state-of-the-art, high-speed fiber-optic regional network. LONI links Louisiana's six major research universities to 85 teraflops (a measure of computing speed equaling 1 trillion calculations per second) of supercomputing power and to the national research and commodity networks. "Mississippi's connections to LONI mark a new day for collaboration and will likely foster innovative approaches to research and economic development for the Gulf Coast," said Charlie McMahon, LONI executive director. The four universities shared in the one-time cost of establishing the physical network connections to LONI's point of presence in Jackson, and the three universities outside Jackson are upgrading their campus connections to Jackson with new AT&T Metro Ethernet circuits. The improved bandwidth is welcome news to researchers whose projects require video on demand or access to large, remote scientific data sets. Learn more.
System Increases Ayers Oversight
Leaders from the state's three historically black universities, Alcorn State University, Jackson State University, and Mississippi Valley State University, met Thursday with IHL Executive Office staff to discuss changes related to oversight of the Ayers settlement agreement. In accordance with the IHL Board's continuing commitment to compliance with the Ayers settlement, the Executive Office has formalized the business processes related to management of Ayers funding. Institutional and Executive Office responsibilities related to programs, appropriations, endowment funds, budgets, compliance, invoicing, and financial reporting have been more clearly defined. The clarification of processes and improved oversight will assign accountability and convey diligence on the part of the Executive Office and the institutions in fulfilling the terms of the agreement. For more information, contact Director of Support Operations Cheryl Mowdy in the IHL Office of Finance and Administration.

Items included in the “University News” section of the System Review are submitted each week by the universities. The news items are listed in rotating alphabetical order by university.

Mississippi Valley State University Online

High School Mathematics Students Delve into 'Crime Scene' at UM Camp
Thirteen high school students arrived at the University of Mississippi (UM) Monday for a weeklong Summer MathCamp and walked right into what appeared to be a murder scene. Yellow crime scene tape encircled an area just inside Hume Hall and red tape outlined the spot where a body had supposedly been found. The setup provided a real-life situation and jump-started the camp where the rising juniors and seniors are learning how mathematics is used in everyday life. "Math has a reputation of being a rather dry subject," said Tristan Denley, UM mathematics chair and a camp instructor. "We will introduce these students to a wide range of math skills, and hopefully the math will come alive and inspire them. We want the students to realize that math is useful in everyday, real life." Applying Newton's law of cooling, the students are to determine the time of death, and, through other physics equations, be able to judge whether the death was an accident, suicide, or murder. To help uncover clues, the students are slated to decode messages discovered on a USB drive. The encrypted codes are similar to those used on credit cards. UM's new Center for Mathematics and Science Education, funded through a $1.2 million gift from the Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation in 2006, is sponsoring the camp. The center aims to improve math and science education across the state by fostering interaction between UM departments and K-12 public schools. Learn more. (The online story includes a video report.)

Strawberry Plains Provides Unique Research for UM Faculty, Students

Student Wins National Award for Alcohol Education, Prevention Work

Novelist, Screenwriter Named Grisham Writer-in-Residence

Mississippi Couple Establishes Ole Miss First Scholarship

UMC Faculty Performs Record Number of Kidney Transplants
The University of Mississippi Medical Center reached a major milestone with the completion of the 50th kidney transplantation this year, five times the number of transplants performed in 2006. Dr. Alan Hawxby, assistant professor of surgery, joined UMC in March and played a significant role in increasing the number of kidney transplants. Dr. Henry Barber, professor of surgery, performed 13 transplants this year, including the first one of year. Most of the kidneys transplanted went to patients in the Jackson area, but also included patients from the Delta and other locations around the state. “Between the two of us, we have shattered the previous record for number of transplants in a year at UMC,” Hawxby said. Learn more.

Associate Dean Selected for Leadership Program

Medical Center Reaches Home "Base" With Science Mentoring Program

MAS Recognizes Base Pair "Champion"

Southern Miss Alum Playing Role in New Orleans' Recovery from Katrina
Lisa Easterling’s New Orleans home was untouched by the catastrophic flood waters that poured into the city after Hurricane Katrina’s storm surge breached several levees. She was one of the lucky ones, as 80 percent of the city was flooded in what was considered the worst natural disaster in modern American history. Of the more than 1,700 who perished in the storm across the Gulf South and beyond, more than 700 in Orleans Parish lost their lives. Not content to count her blessings, Easterling, a University of Southern Mississippi alumna and practicing attorney, wanted to help those in the city still suffering. She volunteered with Mobile Loaves and Fishes, a disaster relief ministry operated by her church, Trinity Episcopal. “There’s still such a great need here in New Orleans, even two years after what happened,” said Easterling, a Laurel, Miss. native who graduated with a degree in journalism from Southern Miss in 1988. “I was so fortunate that my home wasn’t flooded. For me, volunteering on the weekend just wasn’t enough.” She’s taken a leave of absence from her law firm, Baton-Rouge-based Kean Miller, and is serving as interim director of the ministry through the summer. Learn more.

Southern Miss Announces Symphony's 87th Season Line-up of Musical Artists

Leadership Camp for Young Women Teaches Life Skills

Moser Completes Harvard Management Program

Southern Miss Nutrition Faculty Share Research Results in Norway

Southern Miss Gulf Coast Receives Donation for Oncology Skills Laboratory
University of Southern Mississippi officials and family members of Christina Reisz Malone dedicated an oncology skills laboratory in her honor on Friday, June 29, at the Gulf Coast Student Service Center. Reisz Malone is the late wife of Dr. Ken Malone, assistant professor and chair of the Department of Economic and Workforce Development at Southern Miss. Reisz Malone devoted her career to helping others in the health care profession before losing her battle with cancer. “Christina taught her health care providers about cancer from the patient’s perspective,” said Dr. Mary Coyne, professor in the School of Nursing. “Through Dr. Malone’s gift, Christina’s lessons will now teach our students.” A monetary gift given by Dr. Malone provided for the purchase of oncology-related educational materials for the Christina Reisz Malone Oncology Skills Laboratory housed within the larger Nursing Skills Laboratory in the School of Nursing. Separate rooms within the laboratory have been designed to simulate a hospital, including SimMan, a computerized patient-simulator. “There is a growing importance of philanthropic giving in higher education, especially for public universities,” said Dr. Martha Saunders, president of The University of Southern Mississippi. “It’s a way of shaping programming to better serve the university. It not only helps us to do what we need to do, but it helps us to do it better.” Learn more.

Mississippi Sea Wolves Partner with Southern Miss to Provide Internships

Southern Miss Professor's Research Published in Science Journal

Coast Area Teachers Participate in Live Oak Writing Project at Southern Miss

Alcorn State University Online

Grammy Winner Linda Davis Joins DMI Summer Camp Faculty
Grammy award winning artist Linda Davis will be joining the faculty of the upcoming Delta Music Institute (DMI) Summer Camp on the campus of Delta State University, Sunday, July 15 through Saturday, July 21. A Grammy and CMA award winning vocalist for her hit duet with Reba McEntire, “Does He Love You?,” Davis has seven studio CDs and 14 videos to her credit. In addition to maintaining a regular touring schedule, she has developed “Song/Performance 101,” offering performance coaching to aspiring young artists. She will be working with DMI summer campers to hone their stage skills. The DMI Summer Camp will explore three exciting music career tracks to encourage talented young musicians to follow their passion. Workshops, lectures, and hands-on instruction will help encourage musical creativity in a residential camp setting. The week-long camp offers unique tracks specifically tailored for singer/songwriters, instrumentalists and audio engineers. Fifteen campers from across the state auditioned and were accepted into this year’s inaugural camp. The camp will culminate with a free live performance on Saturday, July 21 at 7 p.m. in the Bologna Performing Arts Center on the campus. The public is invited to attend and show support for these young musicians. For more information, please contact the DMI office at (662) 846-5270. Learn more.

Vote for Miss Delta State

Delta State's New AD Offers Open Letter to Statesmen Nation

Delta State's Eyster Named League's Commissioner's Trophy Honoree

Jackson State University Staffers to Compete in State Fitness Contest
Rachel Cowan, Jackson State University (JSU) Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, recently spoke to a local television station about an upcoming fitness competition that will include JSU staff, students, and a Walter Payton Recreation and Wellness Center member. Cowan is one of four from the JSU family expected to vie for top honors at the Mississippi State Bodybuilder and Figure Championship scheduled for July 21 at Thalia Mara Hall in downtown Jackson. Others include Payton staffer and trainer Rod Wilson, student and Payton staffer Adrian Ealy, and Payton member Tesia Hill. They will participate in different categories, Cowan said. Learn more.

Robinson Tunes into BET

JSU Training Peer Educators

Summer Orientation and Advisement for Transfer

MSU Announces Global Security Challenge Deadline Change
After receiving a record number of high-quality submissions for the Global Security Challenge business plan competition, organizers are extending the deadline to July 15. The competition offers entrepreneurs in the security field an opportunity to win a $500,000 grant and mentorship from leading venture capitalists. Mississippi State is the sole university sponsor for the North American portion of the competition to be held in Washington, D.C. Simon Schneider, Global Security Challenge co-director, said individuals and companies who already submitted entries now will have additional time to "tweak" their projects. "To ensure fairness of the process, entrepreneurs who already entered the competition can re-send an updated submission to us," Schneider said Friday, July 6. Based in London, England, the annual international competition seeks to identify the most promising security start-ups, as well as innovators developing new technologies that could lead to a "safer world." The competition is open to individuals and newly established companies offering technology-based security solutions ranging from encryptions software to biometric applications, Schneider said. The Technical Support Working Group, a U.S. governmental interagency group usually referred to by the acronym TSWG, will fund the $500,000 grant for the winner of the overall competition, Schneider said. Learn more.

MSU Announces New Strings Program in Music

MSU Announces Local Dates of 2007 New Student 'Send-offs'

Future Community College Leaders Join for MSU-organized Training

Biloxi-based MSU Design Studio Honored for Recovery Efforts

Summer Institute at MUW Aimed at Making Math Fun

People often say, "I hate math," "Math is so boring," or "Math was my worst subject." Teachers, however, know that understanding mathematics is essential; good mathematical decisions made daily lead directly to financial independence and success in life. When fundamental mathematical concepts are understood--and their values revealed in real-life situations--fear of math is replaced with interest and enthusiasm for learning. This was the basis for a four-week institute conducted on the Mississippi University for Women campus titled Middle School Math in Context. Eighteen mathematics teachers of grades four through nine were selected to attend the institute during the month of June. The institute covered the new 2007 Mississippi Framework for mathematics, focusing on the most valuable concepts of mathematics at each grade level and ensuring a greater depth of knowledge for these concepts. The institute avoided the traditional lecture approach to learning mathematics and was student centered, hands on, project or problem based, and technology rich. Some of the concepts were taught in more exciting ways such as through games or storytelling. The institute was funded by a U.S. Department of Education and Institutions of Higher Learning grant made possible through No Child Left Behind. Teachers received credits, a daily stipend, manipulative items for teaching mathematics and a wealth of resource materials.

July 17, 20, and 25 - The Southern Arena Theatre at the University of Southern Mississippi will present Voice of the Prairie at the Gilbert F. Hartwig Theatre. Evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, call the Southern Miss Ticket Office at (601) 266-5418 or (800) 844-8425. Learn more.

July 18, 21, and 26 - The Southern Arena Theatre at the University of Southern Mississippi will present Shakespeare in Hollywood at the Gilbert F. Hartwig Theatre. Evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, call the Southern Miss Ticket Office at (601) 266-5418 or (800) 844-8425. Learn more.

July 19, 24, and 27 - The Southern Arena Theatre at the University of Southern Mississippi will present Noel Coward’s classic comedy Fallen Angels at the Gilbert F. Hartwig Theatre. Evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, call the Southern Miss Ticket Office at (601) 266-5418 or (800) 844-8425. Learn more.

July 20 - Jackson State University and Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America (TEMA) invite minority and women-owned business owners to participate in the "Power of Getting Connected-Mississippi" at 9 a.m. For more information, call (601) 979-2028. Learn more.

July 22-26 - "Faulkner's Sexualities" is the theme for the 34th annual Faulkner & Yoknapatawpha Conference at the University of Mississippi. The event draws scholars and others from across the country for panel discussions, exhibits, and field trips. Learn more.

July 28 - Jackson State University will host "Get Ready 2008," an informational fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for prospective students. Interested participants should RSVP by July 20. For more information, call (601) 979-1383 or email latoya.boston@jsums.edu. Learn more.

Aug. 4 - Jackson State University will celebrate its Summer Commencement exercises at 9 a.m. in the Lee E. Williams Athletics and Assembly Center on the JSU campus. For more information, call (601) 979-2272. Learn more.

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