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President Search
Institutional Executive Officer Search Progress
Consultant Selected
Search Consultant is selected.
Ads Placed
Position description and advertisement is placed.
CSAC Named
CSAC members and Chair are named.
Applications Received
Position nominations and applications are received.
Resumes Reviewed
CSAC members independently review all candidate resumes.
CSAC Submits Names
CSAC members independently submit, unranked, recommendations of at least five candidates to the BSC.
ISAC Named
Representative group of CSAC members is selected to serve on Interview Search Advisory Committee (ISAC).
Interviewees Selected
BSC makes recommendations to the Board as to which candidates should be interviewed.
1st-Round Interviews
First-round interviews of candidates designated by the Board are conducted.
Finalists selected
BSC makes recommendations to the Board as to which candidates should be invited for second interviews.
Background Checks
Reference contacts and background checks are conducted on candidates participating in the second round of interviews.
2nd-Round Interviews
Second-round interviews are conducted.
ISAC Assessments
Board meets to hear candidate assessments and views of ISAC members as the Board deems appropriate and helpful. Further assessments are made by Board of Trustees.
Preferred Candidate
Board of Trustees announces Preferred Candidate.
Campus Visit
Preferred Candidate is brought to campus to engage in open interviews with campus constituency groups.
Campus Feedback
Board receives feedback from constituency groups and decides if preferred candidate should be named IEO.
Board announces either that the preferred candidate has been named IEO or that the search will continue.