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Alcorn State University
Presidential Search Listening Sessions
Clinton Bristow Dining Facility Gold Room
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Minutes taken by: Sherry Carradine & April Stampley

Official Minutes:

Trustee Shane Hooper, President of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, gave brief introductory remarks at the beginning of each session.

1 p.m. – Student Listening Session
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Students provided the following comments on the qualities and qualifications they would like to see in the next president of Alcorn State University:

  • A leader that is interactive with the students. We're family; this is my heritage. We need a president that is very engaging and interactive with students.
  • We need someone who can reach out to Alumni so that they can continue to give back to the university. More than 20,000 students have attended Alcorn, but only 2,000 give back. We need someone who can market the school and receive funds on a corporate level. Someone who is concerned with Student Life for instance, making sure that the dorms are up to part.
  • Alcorn needs a leader who can bring Alcorn back to its roots.
  • Alcorn needs a leader that is willing to listen to concerns of the students and one who is interactive with the students as well. There are other facilities, dining/library, that need renovating.
  • Alcorn needs a president that is interactive with the students. One who is able to get out with the students, attend student events with a smile. Also, one who is able to encourage faculty to be more enjoyable. We should be able to talk to him as a person.
  • It is most important that the president is well-vetted for qualifications. Alcorn needs a leader who can reach out to Alumni, one who is all about customer service, one who don't mind catering to the students instead of always trying to cater to Alumni, and one who is transparent which means doesn't mind letting us know what the goals are. One who will find ways to improve departments, staff and dorms. One who can continue what Dr. Rankins started. Dr. Rankins is 100% honest, no sugar-coating, transparency. We need someone who will make sure everyone is taken care of and put energy into students, have transparency, and emphasize customer service for students, faculty and staff.2
  • A leader that is able to make renovations a top priority because students are currently limited, out in the middle of nowhere, one who is all about campus life, improve the union and give us more things to do here, one who is able to work on the dormitories. We have more students but there is nowhere for them to stay. We need someone who can get dorms and parking spaces for students.
  • A leader that is interactive with the students and gives us respect as the adults we are, one who doesn't mind attending various activities, and one who is able to respond to the housing issues. Housing is disappointing. Alumni should be proud of where they came from. Everything is just second grade right now.
  • I second everything everyone else has said.
  • Alcorn needs a leader who is more personable with the students and loves our university just like we do.
  • We need a president that is more personable, eager to make changes where needed, and one who is interested in what we can do instead of always focusing on the limitations.
  • A leader who is focused on class and can something about faculty speaking harshly to students inside of the classroom. We need someone to form a committee for grievances about the harsh treatment. Professors don't get punished for it.
  • It should be easier to get between buildings.
  • A leader that can speak to campus police about the amount of time that they take to respond to emergency calls. My friend had broken her leg and it took over 10 minutes for the police to get there.
  • Alcorn needs a leader that can ensure a variety of meal choices for vegans in the café during lunch and dinner. The café doesn't have food for international students with the quality we expect, especially on the weekends-all they have is just snacks.
  • I don't have much to say; I'm relatively satisfied.
  • A leader that can train staff on customer service. Some people are rude, especially in the cafeteria. They should be nice.
  • A leader that can incorporate more meetings for students that work inside of the laboratories all day on their research. This will allow the research students to see what's going on around campus as well. I don't get to meet the president much and want to see more of this.
  • A leader who can bring changes in an effort to take the university to the next level and one who is able to do something about the current dormitory accommodations.
  • A leader that can bring about a plan to renovate the dormitories and one who is able to respond to the parking issues.
  • A leader that is able to maintain the family-oriented atmosphere and one who is able to make themselves known and not be a stranger on campus. Someone you can recognize.
  • A president that is friendly and one who the students can go and talk to. Someone who can bring alternatives to the current disciplinary policies, procedures, and actions instead of just kicking students completely out of school. Someone who can look at situation, analyze it and help them. Alcorn needs a president that is able to bring new policies and procedures to the university libraries so that students can check out books and also so that more copies of the book can be available for checkout. The book selections and the quantity of book resources are very limited. Alcorn needs a leader that is able to ensure a friendlier staff in the café and one who is able to ensure more options for food and books.3 We need more restaurants. There are crowds of people at the ones open late and the workers get rude.

2 p.m. – Faculty and Staff Listening Session
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Faculty and Staff provided the following comments on the qualities and qualifications they would like to see in the next president of Alcorn State University:

  • Alcorn needs a leader that has a heart for teaching, one who has a passion for working with university to build on the success of Dr. Rankins and ensuring that our students are ready to compete with other students from around the world, and one who has a heart for the students, faculty and staff. Someone who wants to work together.
  • A a leader that is a strategic thinker, one who has a passion and heart for the department of Human Resources (HR), and who understands how the value and importance of the HR office. How important we are to the university and how much we help the university move forward.
  • A leader that has a heart for technology, one who is a people person that is able to communicate and talk to everyone, and one who can maintain the family atmosphere.
  • A leader that has a heart for students. I hear complaints from students not getting to talk with the president. We need more student activities, more professional development.
  • A leader that has a passion for Fine Arts in general including filming and theatre and can help us get that off the ground.
  • A leader that can advance the library to the next level. We need more online resources. Someone who is energetic with students, has high expectations, one who is able to bring in grant monies from various companies such as Nissan, and who is able to address the current housing issues.
  • A leader who is selfless, one who is not quick to say what we need and what we don't need, but one who is able to just listen to the concerns, and one who is able to ensure that the students' needs are met. Salaries are low right now.
  • A leader that is student- and alumni-oriented, and one who is willing, able, and have a desire to advance the technology.
  • A leader that is interactive with the students, and one who will support the university libraries.
  • A leader that is experienced in higher education finance and who is ready to advance the technology for our students.
  • A leader that is resourceful and one that can build on the foundation that we currently have and not try to re-event the wheel. We have come a long way and we have a lot of potential still. Students are coming and we need to make sure we are ready for them. Strong leadership.
  • A leader that has the leadership capacity and one who is the right person in the right place at the right time.
  • Thank you for coming.
  • A leader that is student-oriented, one who is visible and one that is available to everyone. One who is accessible and present on campus.
  • A leader that is student, faculty, and staff oriented and keeps the mission in mind.4
  • We need a voice that comes from all of us, an advisory committee to look at resumes and help make the decision
  • A leader that can be the voice for the faculty and students, relate to what we need, and be resourceful.
  • A leader that is able to support the university libraries including having a desire to expand the online database. We need one library system in state with equal access for all. Higher education has become a business and that is unfortunate. A leader that can be transparent is important. The search committee that includes various constituencies should be formed within the university.
  • The team is the most important. We're like a family and all on the same team. We need a team-oriented president.
  • We need a leader with the ability to bring funds into the university, and one who will ensure that if a faculty writes a grant that some of the money will come back to the respective department-unit.
  • A leader who is able to increase diversity in which our former president, Dr. Rankins did a great job. All those things have come to fruition. Our new leader should continue the work that Dr. Rankins started. One who recognizes the contributions of alumni. Alcorn needs a leader that can bring in funding globally and nationally, one who is engaged with the students, one who can increase-enhance the technology for teaching purposes, and one who is engaged with the faculty as well.
  • A leader who is a visionary because our university has great potential, one who is a chief fundraiser, and one who can make a decision. Dr. Rankins did a magnificent job.
  • A leader who is aware of the nexus of building and grounds and can do better on our lowest tier staff salaries. We have ground workers-employees who salaries are currently $15,000.00 and this is just unacceptable. We need to accommodate the standard of living. Alcorn needs a leader that is a visionary and who can bring something new to the table such as new degree programs that are unique, like Delta State University's aviation program. Take us to the next level.
  • A leader that is a visionary, understands the mission of the university, understands Southwest Mississippi, one who can encourage public and private partnerships, crosspollination, one who understands each department-unit, and one who has the trait of being the best and brightest. Someone who continue on current path and can move us forward.
  • Adjunct faculty are not getting paid each month, only once a semester, which is at the very end. Borrowing money from your parents is not good and I had to take another job in addition to my current position. I love the university and if I were paid monthly like everything else, I could contribute and dedicate more time to the students.
  • A leader that is a team player, one who is people friendly, and one who is able to move the university forward.
  • A leader who is visible, one who won't hide behind closed doors, want to see them walking around the campus.
  • A leader who is visionary and believes in transparency. More collaborative.
  • Ditto on everything. Alcorn is a beautiful campus. We need a leader that has lived in a rural area because we want them to stay here at Alcorn.5
  • Someone that is a transformational leader, a leader who works for us. Everyone deserves respect and we need someone who believes in compensating employees with appropriate salaries for the job they do. We need someone who will push the land grant concept, be a cheerleaders, seek additional funds to help move departments forward and provide enriching experiences.
  • Someone who can be a great leader, sets the tone at the top, one who is a team player, one who has a passion for students, faculty and staff, and one who believes in doing things the right way and will do so going forward.
  • Alcorn needs a transformational leader, who understands the strengths and weaknesses of the area, who is a team player, a visionary leader, one who is resourceful, and one who can understand the rural location and provide a better quality of life for the students, faculty and staff.
  • A leader that is a luminary, visionary, and missionary, who is well-known, lays a foundation that can carry us forward in a progressive mode, use technology to get us connected and create a vibrant campus.
  • Understands land-grant institution.
  • A self-less, visionary leader with strategic mindset, business-oriented leader, wellconnected, collaborative, decisive leader with moral character. One that can have informal conversations with faculty and students, and one that is knowledgeable of landgrant institutions.
  • It is an honor and privilege to be here today. I hope a joint effort of the most critical kind will be taken to find a new leader for family. We need someone who understands challenges, a leader that is unique and resourceful, one what has the ability to maintain the financial support, one that is ethical and trustworthy, approachable, one who is willing and has a desire to look out for us. Knows what the university needs and can nurture and propel us forward for the next generation.
  • A leader that can bring more transparency, not a cloud of distrust, one who is a public advocate and knows the treacherous political/reality we live in, one who understands the state of Mississippi and the rural area, and one who has a background in the humanities and liberal arts.
  • We have had smart technology installed in the math/science building. Alcorn needs a leader that is resourceful and one who can maintain what we currently have.
  • A leader who doesn't mind engaging in breakfast and lunch with the faculty, one who is not afraid to address the salary issues, one who is a visionary, one who is faculty oriented, believes in shared governance and one who doesn't mind attending faculty senate meetings.
  • A leader that understands that Extension is an extension of the university. Someone who has the ability to extend our university to the surrounding communities. The university should be an asset.
  • A leader that is a visionary, one who has the ability to maintain financial stability, one who can recruit the best and brightest students, faculty and staff and one who supports the Alumni.
  • A leader that truly understands Alcorn, loves Alcorn, understand Alcorn's role in the Southwest region and the whole state, and one that has a strong moral vision.6
  • A leader that has compassion, one who works hard, one who works hard to bring all of the key players to table to make decisions, and one that stands for Alcorn and all of us.
  • A leader that is knowledgeable of every school within the university, one who is willing to meet with each school at least once a semester, can see the needs and concerns and address them, one that has character and who is trustworthy, and one that has a flexible mind in order to produce the best outcomes.
  • A leader who can bring in more research/grants and will offer incentives in return for faculty. We need funding to help students.
  • A leader that can bring in more resources and technology.
  • A leader of the house that is young enough to relate to the students, old enough to work with all alumni/Alcorn family, that has wisdom and is knowledgeable of land-grant institutions, one that has appreciation for the faculty, one that is able to address the controversial issues with Alumni, and one that is not afraid to ask IHL for funding when needed.

3 p.m. – Administration Listening Session
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Administrators provided the following comments on the qualities and qualifications they would like to see in the next president of Alcorn State University:

  • Over the last 4 or 5 years the university has made significant steps - significant gains as it relates to student athletes achievement and the student experience. And so I'll be interested in the next leader having a high level of innovation - creativity to bring outside external funding to the university to extend access for our students. As well as a high level of experience and collaborations and really growing the brand of Alcorn State University.
  • We need a president who is interested in the welfare of this university in its totality, not just the president's cabinet. But the administration - top down.
  • Change is inevitable but at the same time I hope that whenever there's a new president that comes here, they will have at least in their mind the rich history and tradition that Alcorn is known for. Not just seeing that we have to go forward and forgetting about everything that we are known for - such as; let me give you an example, we tell the students all the time that we don't identify you by number, we identify you by person. So we can go into the technology too high, but at the same time we have to maintain those personal touch and those kind of things that Alcorn is known for. So that's what I look for in a president; thank you.
  • What I'll like to see in the new president is somebody who will continue to move Alcorn forward. I believe that Alcorn is poised to make a big leap; our enrollment is good. We don't need to rest on our laurels. We need a leader who will be compassionate, but firm. So I believe that the next leader should be someone that will have Alcorn's interest in mind, understand our Agriculture mission, understand the leaps that we have made in the last few years. And build on that; bring their own - him/her bring their own vision; -but build on what Alcorn has, this brand, it is a good brand. It's been a good brand for a long time and I think we need to keep it going.
  • We need an individual who can come in and actually evaluate the situation and make good data decisions - off the data; make decisions off the data. Someone who is going to7 be able to manage the money and not just use Alcorn as a platform for the next move. So we're looking for someone that's going to make Alcorn the place to be and continue the brand of Alcorn.
  • I'm looking for someone that has a vested interest in libraries. And also that we know that the students are here and the student activities are here but the library serves as a cornerstone; it is the hub of the university. And if we can have someone that take a vested interest in the library and the services that we provide so that the students will have access to the electronic resources. And that's what we need someone to just take a vested interest in our library.
  • I would like to see in the new president is that, someone who can build the morale of the faculty and staff. Also to bring back the vision of what Alcorn was known for, which was agriculture, our School of Education and our School of Nursing. So if we can get someone who can look into those areas and bring back what Alcorn used to be about, that's what we're looking for in a leader.
  • Marcus Ward does a wonderful job with our foundation and I'd like to see; you know it's always about funding at all of the university's and especially at HBCU's. I would like to see other fundraising efforts--sponsorships that would come from the outside so that the Alcorn's presence will be better known and we would not always have to come back. Well we always want money from the legislature, but also to have some additional funding. Thank you.
  • One thing that I want the university president to focus on is contracting opportunities in the realm of business contract with NASA, Monsanto and any other large corporations. One of the other things that I think the university president should focus on is incentives for our faculty and staff and the third thing I would probably say definitely work on strengthening our internal controls for grants and research dollars.
  • Looking for someone who understands the business aspect of the institution. To make sure that they understand that there's a purpose to raising money and helping support just not one revenue source, but that we think of other resources to bring to the institution so that we support our budgets. And to just be an advocate for keeping Alcorn financially stable. Thank you.
  • First, I wish to congratulate you, thank you for coming to campus. It's just one suggestion I'd like to make fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. All the problems revolve around funding so whoever is selected as the president, must have as one of his pioneering roles the championing of fundraising. Once we have the funds we can move in other directions. Our next president must or should be someone who is concerned about raising funds for this great institution.

4 p.m. – Alumni and Community Listening Session
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Alumni and community members provided the following comments on the qualities and qualifications they would like to see in the next president of Alcorn State University:

  • I currently serve as the president of the National Alumni Association. And I think you have said it best when you talked about knowing the legacy, knowing about Alcorn. Speaking on behalf of the Alumni Association, we want a president that can relate both to the students and to the faculty and to this community. Has a vision for the community to8 enrich and enhance not only the campus but also this part of the state as well as this community. And all of the other things being an Alcorn graduate, being a part of the agriculture community, and have the ability again to relate to the things that are necessary to run the university.
  • I believe that Alcorn is a growing university and I believe that the search team will search out the best for the university. We want somebody that can lead the university into the next millennium.
  • One of the key things that's important about this search is someone that's: #1) is an Alcorn State graduate, #2) is that it be HBCU knowledgeable; the next thing is that he has the characteristics and the ability to raise funds and to communicate throughout the community. It is very important this day and time to have a president like the past president. Someone that can motivate and bring student enrollment up. And it is important that we survive through the long periods of time. And that is what we are looking for in a president; raising funds, dealing with the community, being knowledgeable of your history and Ole Alcorn Dear.
  • I just want a president just like we had in the last president. Thank you.
  • I would like for us to have a president that would continue to build on what has already been started. We want someone who is interested in academics as well as our sports life. Someone that can relate to the students as well as the faculty and the alumni.
  • Also, continue on with that we've talked about communication with the community and faculty/staff. But also establish a great relationship with the legislature. I think we have made some major strides over the past years under the past president's tenure. And I would like for someone to come in and look at where we are and where we need to go. We need to start focusing on growth around here. We talk about building faculty housing and we're looking at dormitories and things of that nature. We need someone who is going to have the interest of Alcorn and the growth of Alcorn in mind. I don't want to repeat what others said but that's what we need to look at and where we need to go.
  • The only thing that I would like to say is I really wish that we can have a president that is interactive with the students that really comes to show that he really cares about us and he really cares about what we do and how we feel. And just that he wants all of us to succeed because I would like for him to be able to just connect with every single department except the AG department. Because I feel like no other department really gets the attention that AG does, because every department deserves to have it. That's really all I have to say. I chose Alcorn because it's a family! I truly believe that it's a family. Everybody looks out for everybody. The faculty, teachers, students. It's really a family and I'm so glad I made this choice I would have never thought that it would be like this. I just love this school from the bottom of my heart. And I really mean that. Thank you guys.
  • We all need a president who is a student's president. Everybody knows everybody. I need a president that knows me when I walk down the street and I know who the president is. Because when I didn't know who the president was, I didn't even know who to voice my concerns to. I want somebody who's able to see the issues that go on with student life because I believe there were 780 freshmen here and there was an overcrowding situation. I believe that we need more dorms and we need our dorms upgraded such as how's the new dorms. My dorm last year I had – my room flooded for 10 days and I was sick. And I9 made it known but nothing really happened. And I feel like we need better housing options. I have four online classes and I been complaining about the Wi-Fi. I have four classes online and I'm not able to finish because of the Wi-Fi and I don't know who to complain to because when I do I don't feel like I'm heard. I need a president that's going to make me feel like my concerns actually matter. So, I've heard also from someone that when she was going to Alcorn in the 90's, the president was able to be transparent, the students were able to feel involved and they wanted actually to go to events. A lot of us don't go to events because things get shot down and we don't feel welcome. Like with our homecoming, we had a water balloon fight that was shut down by the police. But we thought it was ok because Alcorn approved it. I think we need more transparency on our side and your side. That's the type of president I would want.
  • We have a well-defined mission statement and I think it is something that the new president can take a look at it and move forward with it and not try to recreate the wheel.
  • One of the things that I would like to see in the president is some adaptability. Everyone that comes here doesn't fit the mode because of our rural setting on the academic resort. You have to go about 17 miles to get a loaf of bread and not around the corner. So everybody can't adjust and adapt to that and it takes some getting used to. Then I would like to see a president that's going to be able to be a community president and involve themselves with the community, visit activities in the community. And help the community grow when possible. All of the other things that I have heard, I strongly endorse those qualities as well. Thank you.
  • We want a president who effectively communicates with students and alumni; someone who is relatable; who communicates even through social media, one who is willing to reach out to potential students, current students and alumni to promote the university. One who is transparent, one who will identify alternative funding sources outside the state; One who will be establishing partnerships with corporate sponsors; one who promotes and markets the school by working with alumni chapters both in and outside of the state; one who has negotiation skills and interpersonal skills.
  • What I want to see is a lot of things that I've already heard, but I'd like to have a clone of Alfred Rankins, Jr. y'all let him keep the same salary and let him come on back down here. I wasn't joking.
  • I want to see a quality leader – a quality leader. One who's coming here not to build his resume or vita but to be interested in Alcorn and take Alcorn at heart; be serious about Alcorn. We don't need anybody to try and come here two or three years and get there resume together so they can apply for other jobs. We want someone who's going to love this university like we all love it, like everyone that has gotten up here and talked. I know all of them. They love Alcorn. They bleed purple & gold. That's enough said.
  • First, this should be a twofer. First, we should admonish you and all the other Trustees first for taking what we had cause this day should not have ever been here. We were happy with what we had. Secondly, I think that there need be some clarification on something I believe. I want to see a president that carries a little more business side that understands what it means to translate those tax dollars back to the school but also let the alumni get in on some of the things that you all do down here and spend the money so that we can give more of our money back to Alcorn. And I really believe that Dr. Rankins, so adequately called Al by those who care was on his way to being there. Just10 maybe you can go back and find a clone or you can turn around and do it the other way give him a raise and send him back to Alcorn; whichever way is convenient with you is fine with us. But I just want to say this that I've been in business for 48 years, Alcorn is everything that I am and everything I will be is right here. I want to see that the kid that I sent here last week who made a 32, I think, graduate. But I don't want him to graduate just to teach. I want him to graduate because somebody has given him the belief that he can be a business man and go out there and use those particular educational qualifications to stay in Mississippi and help Mississippi. Again, you took Al, send one back like him. Thank you.
  • Both my parents are alumni so I've always been around Alcorn. But I didn't actually want to come but when it came around to pick my college, but it was, and I know everybody says this, but it felt like home. And that's why I came.
  • A lot of the things that I've heard earlier and I agree with those and I think they're very important. But we don't have unlimited resources at the school and we need a person who is going to be a good steward of what we have and be wise in using those resources as we continue as someone said earlier to build a momentum that is already started here at the university. Not someone who just on a whim does something; but someone who understands how difficult it is to garner resources and then they will be judicious with those things that we have and continue to move us forward.
  • I'm looking for a next president should be a person that is going to respect faculty, students, as well as the alumni. And I don't want to stand up here and reinvent the wheel. Some of the things that some of our alumni said, I agree with them 100%.
  • As president, we're looking for a leader, that's a business leader, a community leader, educational leader. Someone that can communicate with the students, with the alumni, faculty, and the community. As president, the president is really a fundraiser from my standpoint. You need to be a communicator that can go out there and beat the bushes and bring in some dollars. If you hire the right staff, they should be the ones that's running the university, the academics, the organization, the building & maintenance, and so forth. The president really should be bringing in some dollars so that we can build new dorms, build new buildings. Should have the contacts that when you can pick up the phone and call somebody when we need something. He needs to communicate with the alumni and like someone said know the alumni, know the students. But in particular, the alumni. There are a lot of the alumni that have quite a bit of funds, education, good jobs. We need to touch base. I know we don't have the money ourselves here at the university but maybe we can bring in some volunteers from the business community that are Alcornites that can assist in helping with finding internships for the students and help come in and lecture the students on particular subjects. To expand the university and to expand the visibility of those graduates to bring new students in from seeing what the other graduates are doing. We need a communicator. Someone that one of the students said when you see the president he/she on the campus they should be able to know the students. Maybe not necessarily their name all the time but at least recognizing some way that the students are important.
  • Same way with the alumni; when we have the mid-winter conferences recognize the alumni where they are, what kind of job, what kind of support they can give the11 university. Because everybody wants to be recognized; everybody wants to be stroked, so I think that's the new president's job to do that. Thank you.
  • I didn't write anything down but everyone's pretty much touched on a lot of what I'd like to see. One word that kind of sticks out to me is quality. I want to see a president that emphasizes quality in academics, infrastructure, faculty and staff, as well as the fellow administrative roles aside from the president. Academically, I want to see that graduate school grow, I need a president that is going to nudge that faculty, and say listen I need more from you, y'all get together and let's build. I think we're doing a great job with some of the things that we already have. But I do want to see a doctoral program here; we're long overdue for that. It's time!! It's time to get that going.
  • Marketing and promotions; I love this campus, it's beautiful. We have a lot to offer here but I don't think we're getting exposed the way that we should. We have a lot of work to do there. I want to see a president that is willing to just maybe get with marketing and promotions and bring in more people you know to help with that; get us that visibility, get us that exposure that we need.
  • Infrastructure; we've improved a lot over the years, we still have a long way to go. I heard dormitories, we need more of that. I heard the faculty and staff, I believe that's in process now; I'll be ready to see that going. Water, that's coming. I'm familiar with a lot of things that's already in process. Infrastructure, I want to see quality in that. The lakes! I would like to see a little something with the lakes out there you know. Campus lakes, it's beautiful, I want to see that. A president that understands the beauty that we have, you know, just want to capitalize and expose that. Athletics, the arts, academics that's just my thing. I want to see those three things popping. I want to see it going and I need a president that understands that. One that can get with the legislature and work with you all. One thing I do want to say academically on quality the freshman classes that we're bringing in the 20, I saw that; I'm very proud of that and I want to see a president that can build upon what the past president started with the ACT scores bringing in quality freshman. That's really, really going to help us out a lot. I guess many people may not understand that or see that, but I do. And that's something that we can really continue to build upon; a president who understands. Quality!
  • I heard a lot of what everybody was saying and for the students to be more transparent with you all I believe, if the SGA was able, I don't know if they do or not, maybe they actually do sit in on some of your meetings. Maybe they could get an attachment of the minutes and then explain them to us. That is the best way for you to hear the student voice and how we feel about certain situations and that is the best way for a council to run to see how an actual council run and you can hear our opinions see what we think. And to piggy back off your point about making Alcorn more visible, we have an amazing Mass Comm. department that we could build and make look better. Because every game I go to when we go to the jumbotron and see those videos, it makes we want to go to Alcorn again. I think that's a good way to improve the school and improve student and council relations.
  • I'll never forget when Dr. Rankins, we were in this very room and they announced him as president of Alcorn State University. My son was a freshman and so I said Jonathan, come and meet our new president. So they went and had their little talk. And Dr. Rankins asked him what was his major and he said AG Business. He said son what do you want to12 do? He said one day I want to be president. He said you can do it; look at me, I was at the same university as you. He's now finished from Purdue University and he's moving a little further. So my mom always told me, she said, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Well, at our listening session in the past when we were searching for a president, the last president that we had, everything that you all said, we said it and we got Dr. Rankins. I'm going to say it again, this is what we want; we want everything that we had before. Because with me working directly under Dr. Rankins, I can see what he has done for this university. Everything that you see out there that is going and being implemented was because of under his leadership. We want someone exactly, tweak it a little bit, just like the former president that we had. We wanted someone who was familyoriented, who knows how to treat students when they come out here because they are somebody's child. We want someone who knows about the infrastructure. We want someone who knows the situation. I've seen him walk through the dorms prior to students coming in and saying this is not going to work, I want this done and I want it done before students come in. We want a compassionate president whether it's a male or a female. But we want a true tweaked replica of the past president. Thank you.

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The Board shall appoint the Commissioner and the Institutional Executive Officers (IEOs). The Board shall make interim appointments to executive officer and/or commissioner positions as necessary and with such consultation as the Board considers appropriate.