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  • The Board of Trustees seeks a dynamic, creative, and accomplished leader with vision, a record of scholarly accomplishment and integrity who can build upon the success of the University in continuing to enhance the state, region, and nation through comprehensive academic, research, and public service initiatives.
  • The successful candidate must be an innovative leader with a passion for providing higher education opportunities to diverse populations. Preferred candidates should have demonstrated skills as a visionary leader and strategic thinker. He/she must possess energy and integrity, a commitment to student learning, growth and development as well as the intellectual, analytical and personal qualities for embracing and advancing existing and new University programs, expanding academic facilities, and building partnerships with business, government and philanthropic organizations.
  • He/she must also have excellent interpersonal and communication skills; a strong commitment to advancing the use of technology; the ability to sustain and enhance the fiscal integrity of the University; the ability to recruit, retain, and evaluate a qualified and competent administration, faculty and staff; and the ability to work in a complex and dynamic environment.
  • Excellent academic credentials and record of scholarship or equivalent experience and accomplishments that command the respect of the university community;
  • Passion for and commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education;
  • Senior-level experience managing large and complex organizations with the ability to work with both internal and external constituencies, including faculty, staff, students, the local community, alumni, government, the media and the general public;
  • Ability to prepare and implement a comprehensive and fiscally-responsible university budget;
  • Experience working effectively with federal, state and local officials;
  • Commitment to a diverse student body, faculty and staff and to promoting issues of multiculturalism; Ability to work successfully within a statewide system of higher education;
  • Appreciation for the importance of sustainability to the future of the university and the community;
  • An understanding of the values and mission of historically black colleges and universities;
  • An understanding of the values and mission of land-grant institutions; and
  • An appreciation for the value of a strong Division I intercollegiate athletic program.

Approved by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, December 12, 2018

Leadership Profile

Download: Leadership Profile

The Board shall appoint the Commissioner and the Institutional Executive Officers (IEOs). The Board shall make interim appointments to executive officer and/or commissioner positions as necessary and with such consultation as the Board considers appropriate.