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The Board of Trustees
Webcast Archive - December 10, 2020

Board Meetings
Date & Webcast Location Board Books Minutes
December 16, 2021 Subject to Call    
November 18, 2021 Board Office    
October 21, 2021 Board Office    
September 16, 2021 Board Retreat  
August 19, 2021 Board Office  
July 15, 2021 Subject to Call    
June 17, 2021 Board Office  
May 20, 2021 Board Office
May 7, 2021 Special Meeting
April 15, 2021 Jackson State University
March 18, 2021 Board Office
February 18, 2021 Board Office
January 21, 2021 Board Office
December 17, 2020 Subject to Call    
December 10, 2020 Special Meeting
November 19, 2020 Board Office
November 18, 2020 Board Office  
October 15, 2020 Board Office
October 1, 2020 Special Meeting
September 17, 2020 Board Retreat
September 4, 2020 Special Meeting

Should committee meetings be held, they will most likely occur on the Wednesday prior to the posted Board meeting dates.

The Board of Trustees is the constitutional governing body of the Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning. Because of changes to the legislation regarding the appointment of Board members, "after January 1, 2004, as vacancies occur, the twelve-member Board shall be appointed from each of the three Mississippi Supreme Court districts until there are four members from each Supreme Court district. The terms of office are reduced from twelve years to nine years. The terms are staggered so that all members appointed after 2012 will have a term of nine years."